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WilliLoimu (”Wild Fire”) – gourmet food in the Finnish wilderness

Erägourmé® (”Wilderness Gourmet”) by WilliLoimu is a three-course gourmet menu served in the nature. It is a unique experience suitable for all nature-lovers who also love good food.

Who is Wilderness Gourmet targeted for?

WilliLoimu’s Wilderness Gourmet is meant for corporate and private groups who are interested in a culinary experience in an unusual setting. Wilderness Gourmet is a great activity for example for workplace wellbeing day, as corporate customers’ recreational activity, or as a surprise program for a birthday or other special day. Our guests also have the possibility to participate in preparing the meal, thus learning some cooking skills in the wild – or just enjoying the beautiful Finnish nature or engaging in some other activities while waiting for the food to be ready.

Our meals are prepared with natural ingredients such as wild herbs, mushrooms and berries, so our guests can also learn about how to utilise these treasures of nature for cooking. We respect nature in everything we do, including serving the food with wooden or other natural tableware and cutlery – you will not find paper or plastic plates and cups on our meals!

Wilderness Gourmet as part of other program

Wilderness Gourmet can be an experience in itself or combined with other activities such as guided nature walk. We have three pre-defined menu options as presented below, but it is also possible to make any combination of entrée, main course and dessert according to the preferences of our guests. Please also inquire about other menu options  e.g. for vegeterians.

French menu

Entrée: Crème Ninon
Exquisite fresh pea soup with pea shoots and whipped cream
Main course: Coq au vin
Classic French dish, simmered succulent and rich-flavoured with some red wine
Dessert: Crème brûlée and campfire coffee
Elegant and delicious, classic dessert

Finnish menu
Entrée: Gravlax according to Willimieli
Gravlax marinated with rucola and mustard sauce, prepared two days before serving for the perfect taste
Main course: Arctic char prepared on a grill
Mouth-watering campfire grilled arctic char with potatoes and vegetables in a foil wrap
Dessert: Finnish squeaky cheese with cloudberry jam and campfire coffee
Traditional Finnish dessert; special Finnish cheese cooked over the campfire in a creamy sauce with delicious cloudberry jam

 Elegant and delicious, classic dessert

Italian menu

Entrée: Salmon carpaccio
Thinly sliced fresh salmon with light balsamic vinegar
Main course: Pasta with crayfish tails
Fresh crayfish tails and tagliatelle in white wine sauce
Dessert: Raspberry tiramisu and campfire coffee
White chocolate, mascarpone cheese and fresh raspberries


Please contact us and ask about other menu options and other activities we can arrange:

0400 174414 / Risto

040 8234418 / Petri

We are members of the World Gourmet Society and participate in developing new menus with gourmet experts worldwide. We are also eager to receive inputs and ideas from our guests – please join us and experience something unique! Erägourmé® is a registered trademark by WilliLoimu.